5 More Must-haves In Your New Massage Chair

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When making a purchase for a new massage chair there are definitely some significant factors to take in to consideration. Read on below to make sure you know what you are getting in to and what you make sure you look for before any transaction is made.

Customer Service

One could say this is possibly the most important thing of all. If something would happen to your massage chair or if you have any other questions or concerns, it is satisfying to have a company that is always available to answer questions. You can’t put a price tag on amazing customer service. Whether it is the manufacturer or the seller, you deserve to have peace of mind in your relationship with them.

Body Size Adjustable

There are massage chair companies that offer "sizing" for a chair. If you are looking for a well-manufactured chair, height and width adjustments are standard and should accommodate virtually every body type. The last thing you want is to buy a chair for the family that is "sized" for a 6' 5" man and the 5' 2" woman of the house can't even use it. A chair that has built-in height and width adjustments will cater to everyone’s needs.

Remote Control

Most new massage chairs (recliners) come with a remote control to make chair adjustments. There's nothing worse that having to get up off the chair to change the settings.


A lot of people want their chair to blend in comfortably and seamlessly with the room décor of their home or office. Don't compromise on looks for a good price or you’ll just end up disliking the chair because it looks dreadful compared to the room it’s in. You will feel nothing but regret and stress. There is no point in having a massage chair that stresses you out when it is supposed to relieve you of any stress

Pleased Customers

A salesman will obviously tell you everything you want to hear to get you to want his chair. However, you need to talk with present customers and find out what they think about their massage chair. Are there any testimonials the seller has for you to read? If there is no list of satisfied customers just walk away. Trust me, if there are no testimonials something isn’t right. There should always be testimonials on every seller's website.

Author: Heather Redmond

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