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It's that time of year again. If you don't have an air conditioner you may be thinking of getting one. If the one you do have seems to be less than adequate, it may be time for an upgrade. What should you look for? Many consider buying an air conditioner a confusing process. Why not take a minute to read up on what's available and what all those numbers mean.

Points to Remember before Buying Air Conditioner:

• First, BTU stands for British thermal units per hour. Really, all that one really needs to know about this is that the higher the BTU, the more space the air conditioner can cool efficiently.

• The aim is to get as many BTU's as necessary for sufficient cooling without getting a unit that is more than you need. As a general room of thumb, look for five to six thousand BTU's for each 100 to 300 square feet you want to cool. Consider seven thousand to eighty two hundreds BTU's for 250 to 55o sq. ft. and ninety eight hundred to twelve thousand five hundred for area that is 350 to 950 sq. Expect a standard air conditioner to cool one or two rooms.

• One of the most important steps is to consider the need and matching that to the most effective solution. Is the air conditioning needed for the entire house, or mostly for a single room? Additionally, how often will it be used? If air conditioning is only needed occasionally for a small area, a temporary in-window model might be more appropriate, as it can be removed when not necessary. On the other hand, if permanent air conditioning is needed for the entire home, a larger solution might be needed.

• With an idea of the type of air conditioner needed, it is important to consider energy costs. Air conditioners can use significant power, and some units are more energy-efficient than others. Comparing models to find one saves energy while still performing effectively can save a significant amount on monthly power bills.

• Check the labels: most list the capacity of the model in British Thermal Units (BTUs) and give an idea of how energy-efficient the unit is. The more British Thermal Units, the greater the capacity of the unit. Additionally, some utility companies offer cash incentives to customers purchasing energy-friendly appliance replacements. Energy costs can make a huge difference when considering different air conditioners.

• Of course, the price of the unit itself is a consideration as well, and it is important to shop around to get a good deal. However, the price of the unit itself should not be the only consideration. When comparing prices, it is important to factor in the cost of delivery and professional installation, if required. In some areas, product discounts and faster installation may be available in colder months when demand for air conditioners is lower.

• When properly researched, purchased and installed, shopping for an air conditioner need not be difficult. Air conditioning can make a home more comfortable as well as more appealing to some home buyers. By considering needs and shopping around for a good deal, buyers can make a smart decision.

Author: Vinay Choubey

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