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Bimmian HIUAA2WYL XenoFlo Xenon HID Bulb Upgrade For Any Vehicle With OEM D2S Or D2R HID Bulbs Pair 6000k Pure White Color
Bimmian Hiuaa2wyl Xenoflo Xenon Hid Bulb Upgrade  Any Vehicle  Oem D2s Or D2r Hid Bulbs Pair 6000k Pure White Color

Change the color the light output of your OEM HID bulbs with these XenoFlo HID bulb replacements.XenoFlo HID is made in KOREA at an ISO 9002 and E mark certified factory Our HID retrofit kits are top quality kits that will replace any standard 9006 HB4 H7 etc. light bulb in ANY vehicle with a REAL HID bulb. These may be used to either upgrade your fog lights to HID or to upgrade your halogen headlights to HID.All HID equipped cars with bulbs which produce a 4300k color temperature. These...

Bimmian IXB36C2YY Interior Xenon Bulbs For E36 Cabriolet High Power 2 0 LED Bulb Kit 8 Bulbs

Bimmian Interior Xenon Bulbs For E36 Cabriolet High Power 2 0 LED Bulb Kit 8 Bulbs Details

Buyers Beware: These bulbs are Not the cheap "knock-off" kits sold by other vendors- This is the original Bimmian Interior Xenon light kit- Other vendors' bulbs don't fit, are too dim or too yellow in color to give you the true cool Xenon White sensation you demAnd for your bimmer- Be careful, they have named their bulbs similarly, made their packaging look the same, And even copied the look of our photography- Now with a lifetime warranty- This is the last set of bulbs you will ever need to buy- We now offer 3 styles of Interior Xenon kit to satisfy the needs of all our customers:- The Original Interior Xenon (Filament) Bulbs:- Easy to install- Inexpensive- Soft White Glow 5000K- No Yellow like OEM- Error Free- Lifetime warranty- Interior Xenon Led ver 2-0:- Each bulb contains from 1 to 11 Leds- Easy to install- Competitively priced- Pure White Glow 6000K- High Power Light- Error Free- New Chip Led Technology- Lifetime warranty- Interior Xenon Ultimate Led:- Each bulb contains from one to twenty four Leds- Easy to install- Pure White Glow 6000K- Most advanced Technology to date- New Chip Led Technology- Full Lens replacements, Not just a bulb (where available) - Error Free- Intense Bright Lighting- Directional Leds for Max effect- Ten Times as bright as OEM- Lifetime warranty- Give that Xenon look to your vehicle interior with: "The Original" Xenon Interior Bulbs- These replacement bulbs are easily instalLed And dramatically give your vehicle's interior a natural White glow- The perfect companion to your Xenon head-lights And a subtle And refreshing novelty- Our interior Xenon bulbs are the perfect cure for that dull yellow look- Our bulbs are custom fabricated in style, length And wattage for your vehicle, And are then charged with a special combination of high kelvin burning gases including actual Xenon gas. Each kit replaces all interior lights, plus your trunk interior- An "Interior light replacement kit" consists of bulbs that replace ALL interior ligh. ...

Price: $82.59 | Merchant: Walmart US | Date: Mar-21, 2018

Bimmian Interior Xenon Bulbs For E36 Cabriolet High Power 2 0 LED Bulb Kit 8 Bulbs Details

, xenon or and xenoflo xenon hid bulb upgrade for any vehicle with oem d2s or.

Price: $82.59 | Merchant: Walmart US

Bimmian Weisslicht LED Fog Light Bulbs E63 Pre Facelift Non Lci Pair Of Spektrum White LED Bulbs Detail

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Bimmian IXBX5D2YY Interior Bulbs For E53 X5 With Rear DVD Package High Power 2 0 LED Bulb Kit 18 Bulbs Special

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Bimmian WLFZZ6K1Y Weisslicht Fog Light Bulbs Vehicle Pair Of 9006 Style Bulbs Super White Xenon Details

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