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Swix HFX High Fluorocarbon Wax Yellow 40g

HFX High Fluorocarbon Wax Yellow 40g

The waxes can be used either alone or as a base for Cera F powder. The fluorocarbon wax dramatically reduces friction, allowing your skis to slice through snow like a hot knife. ...

Price: $99.95 | Merchant: Backcountry | Date: Feb-22, 2018

X Training Jacket Men S

When you take the Star X our for a run before or after the sun is out and about the reflective mesh and piping will help you shine like a star, 40g. Extremely lightweight and wind.

Price: $99.95 | Merchant: Backcountry

Info Swix X Training Jacket Men S Black

Along with wind resistance it has a water repellent dwr coating with swix hfx high fluorocarbon wax yellow 40g with and nylon stretch panels along the sides for uninhibited movement. Swix hfx high.

Price: $99.95 | Merchant: Backcountry

Swix Sjusjoen Men S

Training doesn t stop when the seasons change which is why Swix created the Men s CarbonX Jacket. Swix is all about speed and they re serving up oodles with the Sjusjoen Men s Jacket a lightweight.

Price: $104.95 | Merchant: Backcountry

Specials Delda Light Softshell Jacket Men S Red Black XL

Its wind and water resistant fabric cuts cold gusts and is bolstered by stretch panels to promote mobility as you move. Highly aerobic activities call for lightweight gear that ll help you speed up.

Price: $164.95 | Merchant: Backcountry