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Rapala Deep Tail Dancer 2 75 TDD07

Affordable Rapala Deep Dancer 2 75 TDD07

The crankbait also includes VMC black nickel treble hooks. The Dancer is constructed with balsa wood and includes an internal rattle mechanism that attracts the fish from all around. Running depth: 15. Weight: 5/16 oz. The Rapala Deep Tail Dancer makes its way through the water with a wide tail action. Body length: 2.75". Treble hooks: two no. The Deep Tail Dancer features an enlarged and extreme diving lip that dives the lure as deep as 15-feet. Hand-tuned and tank-tested. ...

Price: $10.99 | Merchant: Gander Mountain | Date: May-23, 2018

Affordable Alli Refill 120 Caps Of 2

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Fresh Start 2 Week Program Nature S Plus 1 Kit

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Buy Now Nautica Bilander 2 Sandals Boys 13 6 Navy 6 Nautica

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Price: $40.00 | Merchant: Stage Stores